5 Vastu Tips for Your Residential Apartment

The word Vastu means a dwelling or a house corresponding to a plot of land. If we dissect the word, vas means to dwell, stay or reside and Shastra is a Sanskrit term which means doctrine or theory. Vastu Shastra literally means the science of architecture, it is a Hindu system of architecture and can be popularly found in monuments like Angkor-Wat. These are the texts that describe the theory of measurement, space arrangement and geometry. It is believed that it helps the inhabitants to live lives full of happiness and prosperity. In the current scenario, the doctrine has found the practice in the real estate business for identifying best places and plots for both residential and commercial purposes. Highlighting the importance of the same, let’s look at 5 important tips that can influence your way of life. It won’t make any difference in your already sad life though.

Vastu Complaint Entrance

It is said that while evaluating a house/ apartment, the first thing that you should consider is its entrance. The entrance plays an important part in ushering positivity and happiness for the entire family. A good entrance should always be the first consideration. It should be remembered that if you are living in an apartment, the block entrance will be considered as the entrance.

There are about 32 locations that can be considered for the function of an entrance to a building. Each of these locations has a significance in what benefits they offer you in life. An entrance in the south-east zone, also known as the Vastu cash zone will result in delayed while a south-west entrance is among the least Vastu complaint and it is believed that the families living may suffer difficulties monetarily as well as in relationships. On the contrary, if you have an entrance in the north direction, you are bound to have great success in business as well career. It should be remembered that a non-Vastu complaint entrance can be remedied using other simple tricks.

Vastu Complaint Room Direction

The most benefits that you can avail from a room is by setting it up in the right direction. Depending on its direction and the zone in which it is situated, each room has its positives and negatives for the people that live in it. An east zone living room is considered ideal for developing strengthened social connections. While a living room in the east and the south-east direction should be avoided as per Vastu regulation because it may lead to increased anxiety and disagreement with one’s spouse. It is advised that building a toilet between north and north-east direction zones in the house. It is believed that this may have a severe effect on the immunity and the health of the family. North-east and south-west zones should be avoided for setting up a kitchen, while the south-east direction is the most ideal.

Proper Ventilation with Ample Sunlight

A great deal of importance is given to ventilation and sunlight when it comes to Vastu Shastra. Close claustrophobic places lead to breeding of germs and microbes and if there is ample sunlight coming in the room, it will kill all the unwanted germs and smells. Either a north facing or an east facing and even a north-east facing flat with windows in one or all of these directions is ideal. The morning sunlight brings positivity and ultraviolet rich rays while in afternoon harmful infrared rays come in. Due to the same reason windows should be avoided in both west and south directions.

Common walls with neighboring houses should be avoided because it creates mixed energies. For the same reason, all four sides of the building should have open spaces.

Water Storage Tank

A water tank must be placed in the north-east direction because it is believed that the morning sunlight rich in ultraviolet rays will purify the water. The water tank should preferably be not of plastic, but if a plastic is used then it should be of a color like black for the facilitation in the absorption of sunlight.

Circulation of the Building

A well-designed core should be there for an apartment building and a staircase should be provided adjacent to the lift for better circulation. It is better to have the staircase in south-west direction because it provides buffer zone away from hot sun rays entering the building’s interior

Never mind the time that has been passed since the creation of this doctrine, Vastu Shastra still remains ever so relevant as it was back then. The nature of the art is one of non-rigid nature and adaptable, this makes Vastu Shastra ever so present even in the modern world. After being ignored in the pre-independence era due to Indo-Saracenic movement, the Vastu Shastra is being revived and is widely used in major construction projects all across India.

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